It’s been predicted that by 2019 a whopping 80% of all content will be delivered by video!

We all consume content differently but one thing is for certain, we all love a great video and our customers are no different…

Video marketing is fast becoming the top choice for business owners and savvy entrepreneurs as the best way to reach engage with your customers.

Studies conducted showed the average person’s attention span in 1979 was 20 minutes, and that number today here in 2016 has now dropped to a mind blowing 7 seconds! Yes, that’s not a typo… You have just seconds to drive your point home or risk losing the average individual to a more compelling ad.

Adding video marketing into your overall marketing strategy can be a dramatically huge boost for your business if done correctly.

Gone are the days of just slapping up a random video and watching it easily and effortlessly get ranked on page 1 of Google for your keywords. Google’s algorithms change almost daily as more and more towards paid ads, pushing out the organic links.

In simple terms, this means that unless you’re paying Google, it will be increasingly harder for your video marketing efforts to bare any real fruit…

Unless you can leverage the expertise of an experienced video marketer such as Live Smart Solutions video marketing team.

Here’s some stats to wrap your head around:



Having your company videos sitting graciously at the top of your potential customer’s search results is absolutely critical… Unfortunately, more businesses will fall and swiftly get left behind in their industry without working a proven method for driving traffic and increasing sales with video into their marketing plan.

And that’s why we’re here to see to it that your business continues to grow in a rapidly changing marketplace that only rewards the innovators and action takers…

We understand that as a business owner, your biggest concern is happier customers spending money and long-term clients. That’s why We Emphasize Results!

Find out how we will help you absolutely crush your competitors, drive more traffic and increase sales with video marketing strategies that just work.