Major Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media Marketing

1. Social Media Is Selling. You are not just blasting the world with inane updates and pictures of cats and dogs. You’re actually conducting a form of selling. Social Media marketing is a method to establish, grow and even repair your reputation in some cases. The content you create & share (if not properly) aims to engage the reader and draw them to your offers and events and your message.

2. Social Media Is The Opening To Your Sales Funnel. If I share a link on Facebook for example, then this link is likely to be a blog post that I’ve written, or a video I produced. As I’m in the info marketing business, this piece of content is just one step away from gathering a lead, drawing a click to my BUY NOW button, or gaining a subscriber to my email list. This is very much the first step in any sales funnel, so the value here is tremendous.

3. Social Media Is Persistent. Once indexed, content you place on platforms like Twitter and Facebook will exist for a very long time. This means more time for the post to get shared and distributed among like-minded people. Since this content stays online for long periods of time, a post I made last year can still draw in my target audience, and compel people to engage with my company continually.


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4. You Can Track And Measure Social Media. There’s no shortage of tools and tactics surrounding social media visits, likes, shares. The software to track these visitors can be free, and others reasonably priced and packed with features that allow you to better understand your audience, and learn new ways to get them buying more of your products.

5. Social Media Allows For Real-Time Interaction. You can know instantly if your product or service is effective and acceptable to the audience. You’ll be able to gain instant feedback, and keep a finger on the pulse of your brand reputation. You’ll also be able to gleam new ideas for better products and services to offer customers. Something that you wouldn’t be able to do as cheaply or quickly with other mediums.

6. Our Customers Are On Social Media. No matter what business you are in. Social media persists all walks of life and knows no geographic, racial, or economic boundaries. If a person can afford a smart-phone, or even a not-so-smartphone, chances are they have a Facebook account they check regularly.

7. Advertising Is Super-Cheap & Effective For The Right Markets. Not everyone can leverage the cheap clicks from Facebook Ad Campaigns, but if your business fits in the realm of mass appeal and social interaction; you stand to benefit greatly from Social Media marketing, because you can build a strong army of followers, evangelists, and fans with a very reasonable marketing budget and sales funnel.

I will say that the Social Media landscape isn’t an instant post – get benefit environment. It takes cultivation, perseverance, and stewardship. The rewards are there. I’ve gotten a great deal of leads, shares, and likes, but more importantly, I’ve done sales via social media without spending a dime. That means higher profit for the time you put in. That makes it worth it, wouldn’t you agree?

Couple low-cost advertising, killer marketing positions, and creating share-able content that resonates with the broad social media audience, and you’re poised to create a power-house lead generation and sales tool that will make competitors green with envy, and make them wonder how you’re such a wizard at what you do.

Are you seeking a way to dominate and reach more customers through social media? Call us today and learn more about how our Social Media Packages can help drastically help your business reach and obtain more customers!